Nikki Giling attended the School of Fine Arts in Arnhem. She specialized in the design of fashion accessories and graduated in 2008. The following year she started her own studio and shop in Het Modekwartier, Arnhem’s fashion district. Her work is characterized by minimalist design and a functional approach. Nikki's starting point is the material she works with. Unexpected details make her creations unique in all her designs.

Nikki has been designing products for koda amsterdam since 2013. Her investigative approach of upholstery fabric by De Ploeg and window covering fabric by Luxaflex® resulted in two timeless and iconic bags, RAFEL MINI and PLISSÉ. Her most recent design is the ZACHT bag, made of the leftover materials from Auping.


Roos Soetekouw is a designer who loves nature and its unusual shapes and colours. Her works show an explosion of discoveries. Each design is a result of a personal journey: a discovery in form, colour, weaving technique and material. Her love for textiles runs deep; the warmth and protection provided by textiles corresponds with the world Roos wants to create.

For koda amsterdam Roos designed the LOOM cushion, based on the selvedge of De Ploeg woollen fabric. The selvedge reveals the colours and textures of the yarns that are used to create the fabric. Her Plaid DEKEN is the amazing result of a colourful design combined with true craftsmanship. The plaid is stitched by hand meticulously by the talented women of the Wereldwijven atelier in Dordrecht.


Marieke van Heck combines traditional techniques with contemporary design, creating a process where graphics, textile and product design merge together. Her label ‘orange or red' refers to the choices a designer is always faced with during the development process and the nuances that characterize her work. Sustainability is an important driver here.

The graphic elements and her keen eye for colour are clearly visible in the products Marieke has designed for koda amsterdam. The HORIZON bag reflects the form and colours of the Dutch landscape during the different seasons, achieved by combining the beautiful colours of De Ploeg wool. The DUIN design reveals a foldable bag made of tent fabric: clever, stylish and strong.