This atelier is part of a sheltered workplace that provides training and guidance to people who have difficulty in being integrated or reintegrated into the labour market. Pantar offers a safe base that feels for many of the people like home, and enables skills and talents to blossom. 
This wonderful dedicated team makes the majority of koda’s creations since 2014 with love, care and pride.



Since 2011 Wereldwijven ateliers bring together different cultures. Over 85 women who have their roots in all corners of the world are connected to each other by needle and thread. Community involvement, craftsmanship and creativity are closely intertwined at this social enterprise.
The embroidery techniques of Wereldwijven in combination with the woollen De Ploeg off cuts have resulted in beautiful and unique plaids.



The team of ONS Label Breda loves needle and thread, colours and patterns, fabrics of quality. When you cross the threshold you can feel and smell the craftsmanship. They have the talent to make ideas on paper come to life. The love for people, creative ideas and thorough solutions characterize this lively atelier. Newcomers, restarters and interns find their path at this charming atelier in Breda.